Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump vs. Ifill - Love Trumps Hate - Deal with it


Gwen Ifill died recently and the world paused and reflected upon her incredible life. Her kindness, her dedication to doing a good job. As host of the PBS Newshour she was calm, reasoned, soothing tone that let you know you were in good hands. She wanted to get to the bottom of whatever story she was covering with integrity and fairness. She asked intelligent, thought-provoking questions that teased out truths, and everyone came out of the encounter enlightened.

She showed compassion and empathy for her fellow humans - she was so civilized! As Mary Schmich wrote in her article, chicagotribune “you didn't have to know Gwen Ifill to feel she was your friend.” She looked like was living a life that let her sleep well at night. That she had a balanced life of work, love and family. She exuded love. Love for herself, and love for others.


I have the exact opposite feelings about Trump. His racist, sexist, and hateful comments aside, his energy just scares me. His face shows intense inner turmoil and imbalance. It's like deep anger and hate is thinly veiled beneath the surface. A man whose always had access to whatever he wants and he's already told us how he deals with self control, he doesn't wait you know - he just grabs. He’s got puffy eyes and a red-face, with a permanent deep furrowed look. He’s usually wearing a frown or smirk with a slight lift of his nose and a defiant protruding jaw.


Could his permanent defiant look come from being the defendant or plaintiff in an unprecedented 3,500 lawsuits. Let that sink in for a minute.... 3,500 lawsuits. Imagine the hours and hours of legal counsel? The bad Juju from all those nasty entanglements?

He has 75 active lawsuits he’ll bring into the Oval Office, if the Electoral College gives him the final thumbs up. Battling 75 lawsuits sounds like a lot of work. As do his divorces, multiple marriages and children. 

It seems he’s primarily engaged in spiritual and soul sucking activities. There was no quality time with his kids creating strong emotional bonds, regenerating his spirit. Instead, according to Ivana, she raised the kids single-handedly and raised them from when they were 4,6 and 8. usmagazine When the kids were 21-years-old she said Donald accepted them. (probably because they were now useful to him in Corporate America) That is not creepy and weird at all!

Trump is completely out of balance. He’s putting out fires 24/7 because he’s not a straight-forward business man. He's crooked, and the evidence is in his 30 years of record-breaking legal issues.

His life pace doesn’t allow  for the self-reflection or the introspection necessary to create a centered and focused vision of the future.

He’s now hung over from this latest Presidential run, or epic ego binge as I see it.  He's shocked that he won, and now faced with having to actually govern a nation. Can you say overwhelmed?

He must assemble a transition team, get to that revenge list he's been keeping - oh and there’s those 75 active lawsuits, and those pipeline protestors holding up his personal investment in the pipeline.... and his rapidly emptying hotels and those dang protestors and those pesky Senators trying to get him to fire the perfect person to make America white again, Chief Strategist Bannon. People are fleeing from his transition-team-shoulder-tap, claiming they don’t have Government experience (even though they themselves ran for President - ha!).

And if this hot mess hurricane Trump does actually step into that Oval Office, his visions, bad energy, and selfish intentions will soon trickle down through policies and become my, and my fellow Americans, cold hard realities.

I would like someone in the Oval office who is like Gwen Ifill. Reasoned, centered, smart, qualified and beaming a spirit of love. Someone who warms my heart and helps me reach out to others, melting away troubles. Someone with karma on their side.

Trump is troubled, out of balance, unqualified, unfit, angry, mean-spirited, divisive and spiritually bankrupt. His energy alone terrifies me, and then he opens his mouth....

Americans deserves so much more.

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