Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wong KO's Flood in Main Event

Bartender stops serving drinks to win her first fight

Some bartenders serve hard liquor. Marlintini's Lounge bartender Shannon "Fighting Irish" Williams serves hard rights, or at least she did Friday night while filling in for another fighter.

Williams, 26, stepped out from behind the bar to battle newcomer Amanda Phillips, 21, whose scheduled opponent no-showed for the bout.

Williams defeated Phillips by unanimous decision in a fight that Williams dominated from the start. Williams stayed on the offensive and chased Phillips around the ring, landing head blows to get the win before heading back to tending bar.

In Friday's main event Ryan Wong, 31, stopped Norman "Thunder Punch" Flood III, 20, with a haymaker combination that earned Wong the win and left Flood on the floor with an injured jaw. Wong (3-1-0) planned on using his reach to grab the win and took a few rattling head shots early in round one. He then went after Flood (7-2-1) and fired off a huge right to the head, then landed a left haymaker to Flood's jaw, finishing him off with with a final hard right to clinch a first round victory.

In other bouts:

• Inoke Topui, a 21-year-old weighing 222 pounds, defeated James "The Beast" Roberts Jr., a 23-year-old from Klawock who outweighed Topui by more than 100 pounds. Roberts was undefeated going into the bout but Topui was lighter on his feet than the powerful Roberts. Roberts hung tight but Topui landed more blows to grab the win.

• National Guardsman and first time fighter Bailey Johnson, 22, of Angoon defeated schoolteacher and fellow first time fighter Patrick Murphy, 39. Johnson grabbed an early advantage by forcing Murphy to two standing eight-counts in round one. Johnson dominated from the sound of the bell and popped Murphy's head out between the ropes as he pummeled him. Murphy had a strong comeback in round two but the referee called the fight the same round after a third standing eight-count.

• Doug Chilton, 26, with three losses under his belt, grabbed his first win by defeating first time fighter David Young of Wasilla in a heavyweight fight when referee Joe Isturis awarded Chilton a second round technical knockout.

Brian Lauth, 18, defeated first-time fighter Anthony Davidson in another tough bout. Lauth had the reach advantage over Davidson, who stood strong at the end of round one by returning some hard shots. Davidson was delivered a standing eight-count in round two, but it was Lauth who eventually won the fight.

• Patrick Cummings, 22, of New Jersey, defeated James "Long John the X Warrior" Runge III, 27, of Dallas, in a close bout pairing first time fighters, friends and fellow Coast Guard workers. The match was even heading into round two when both boxers gassed. Cummings managed to throw some heavy leather, leaving Runge with a swollen eye. Cummings wants to fight again but said he felt bad for his friend, who was sitting with an ice pack over his eye. Runge also said he wanted to fight again sometime - but against a weaker opponent.

• Cameron Mitchell, of Juneau, defeated first time fighter Don "Damn Yaki" Johnson, of Yakutat, who waited until he was 47 to step into the ring. Mitchell was more spry that the stiff Johnson and the fight was called after Johnson was knocked down for the second time in round two.

The next fight night at Marlintini's Lounge will be Jan. 16.

Fight card results

Friday, Dec. 12

• Doug Chilton defeatsDavid Young

• Brian Lauth defeatsAnthony Davidson

• Patrick Cummings defeats James "Long John the X Warrior" Runge III

• Sharon "Fighting Irish" Williams defeats Amanda Phillips

• Baily Johnson defeats Patrick Murphy

• Cameron Mitchell defeats Don "Damn Yaki" Johnson

• Inoke Topui defeats James "The Beast" Roberts Jr.

• Wong defeats Norman "Thunder Punch" Flood III

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