Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freaky Fight Night

Jackson's one-punch knockout highlights Roughhouse night

It was another freaky Friday the 13th at the monthly Roughhouse fights in Marlintini's Lounge, and the knockouts and knockdowns were abundant.

In the quickest bout of the night - and fastest fight most fans had ever seen - 26-year-old T.J. Jackson went in with a 1-0 record and stayed perfect. Jackson made a knockout look easy when he clipped first-time Angoon fighter Derek Totenoff, 22, in the head with a huge right hook that tipped him to the mat like timber. The quick work turned into easy money for Jackson when Totenoff was unable to continue after the fight's opening seconds.

Later, Roger "Barcode" Booth IV, 30, weighed in at 170 pounds to defeat Shaun Guthrie, 27. Guthrie came out strong on offense in round one, but Booth answered with a thunderous left that instantly dropped Guthrie to the mat. The pair then wrestled for control before Booth delivered a swift kick to Guthrie's groin at the bell.

Guthrie was able to take down Booth in round two, but the elder fighter was able to escape by rolling out. In round three, the fighters spent most of their time locked up on the mat while trading submission holds and plenty of blows. The decision eventually went to Booth, who later said he and Guthrie will fight again in May.

Toni Talamai, 23, a heavyweight hailing from Tonga and aspiring to be a professional boxer, got a good start on his new career path with his win over Coast Guard veteran Ryan Wong, 32. Talamai had Wong against the ropes early in the first round, delivering solid jabs whenever he found an opening. In round two, Wong was able to land a few of his signature haymaker rights to Talamai, but the younger fighter seemed unphased and Wong never seemed to get on solid footing in round three. Wong later said his younger opponent "got some good shots in."

McDonald's employee Aaron "Red Baron" Tucker, 19, a boxer trying his first MMA fight, got the best of undefeated MMA fighter Wayne "Koosh-Da-Ka" Fu, 58. Tucker really liked MMA, despite taking a hard shot to the eye, saying it involved more strategy and was more "intense" than boxing. Fu, a wood carver, said he wanted a rematch with Tucker.

"Tucker got the best of me tonight, but I know I can do better," he said.

First-time fighter Michael James Trull, 18, defeated fellow rookie boxer James "The Bulldog" Bouschor, 24, by exploding at the bell and attacking Bouschor, who repeatedly had to spin away from the aggressive Trull. Early in round two, Trull delivered a standing-eight count to "The Bulldog," who recovered only to have Trull find another opening with his left hook. The blow tapped a sweet spot, as Bouschor fell to another standing-eight-count and retired before the third round.

Rudy Vonda, 44, defeated Casey "Little Big Man" Yakovik, 18, by executing his "attack the body strategy" which he revealed in a pre-fight interview. Vonda pummeled his opponent's torso from the beginning, sending Yakovik to his knees after a hard stomach shot. Both boxers stayed even in round two, with Vonda's plan of attack keeping him confident. Vonda finally worked Yakovik into a standing-eight-count in round three and referee Joe Isturis called the fight, giving the win to the elder Vonda.

Klawock's James "The Beast" Roberts Jr., defeated Metlakatla's Michael Henderson, 28, via split decision in a heavyweight bout that went the distance. Henderson dominated round one by using the athleticism from his basketball playing days and out-jabbing the relentless and steadfast Roberts. The Beast went to work on Henderson in round two, though, pushing him against the ropes and delivering several hard head and body shots. Roberts held his ground in the center of the ring while Henderson was on the move and ultimately won the split decision by being more aggressive.

"I'm just going to try to outlast him," Roberts said before the fight. "I was told he doesn't have much wind."

First-time MMA fighter Anthony Manacio IV, 25, who works for the Alaska Marine Highway, defeated Bullwinkle's employee Tyler Papasodora, 18, in a bout that the elder fighter dominated from the start. Manacio knocked Papasodora to the ground and delivered several hard shots to the head until the younger fighter tapped out early in round one.

Heavyweight Clifford "Bad News" Brown, 18, of Juneau, defeated first-time-fighter Rodney D. Jackson, 39 of Kake with Jackson receiving "Bad News" in the form of a standing-eight-count after a head pummeling. Jackson stayed tough through a barrage of hard head shots, but retired before the start of round two.

The next Roughhoust Friday Night Fights will be held April 10th at Marlintini's Lounge.

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