Monday, January 25, 2010

Down for the Count

Flying elbow ends first-ever female main event, "The Animal" earns TKO over "Knives" Horton

The first ever womens' main event at Roughouse Fridays at Marlintini's Lounge was declared a 'no decision' when Sitka's Selina Slack, 26, accidentally elbowed her opponent in the eye.

Slack was dominating the undefeated Nellie "Pit Bull" Phillips, 21, of Anchorage, 1-0-0, when her elbow hit the corner of Phillip's left eye, which started gushing blood causing the fight to be called. Phillips, who was fighting to "see what I've got," said before the fight she only had one strategy going in: keep her left hand up.

Gastineau Humane Society employee Patryck "The Animal" Willis, 20, earned a TKO in an MMA rematch against Hawaii hailing Ken "Knives" Horton, 21, when he clocked him with two right blows to the head in round one. The first blow sent him reeling, but he recovered to receive the second blow that dropped him hard.

Willis credited his instinct for the win.

"I just fight on instinct, I throw rights and lefts, duck and jab until it's done with," he said.

Despite the loss, Horton said he felt pretty good.

"I thought it was a pretty good fight. I didn't expect that last right to my (expletive), face," said Horton, referring to the punch that sent him to the mat to end the fight. "I actually don't remember hitting the ground. I remember people standing over me and my spine jerking."

They plan on a rematch next month.

First-time fighter, produce worker Michael Estigoy, 24, defeated another first-time fighter, Super Bear meat cutter Matt Richardson, 27, of Oregon, who was looking for a place to take out frustrations. Estigoy's prior fighting experience was in the streets of the Phillipines, but decided to fight because he "wanted to show my best for everybody."

During the first two rounds, the opponents were swinging away with hard, fast blows, but they both stayed tough and tested each other. Estigoy landed a stunning blow to Richardson's right temple in the third round, but he would hang in until the end.

Walmart employee Brian Lauth, 19, brought his record to 8-4-0 with his win over UAS student Haans Madsen, 27. Madsen clocked Lauth with a huge right that sent Lauth popping through the ropes in round one, but the two would stay even to the bell. The fighters kept getting tangled up, and a frustrated Madsen said Lauth wasn't fighting clean and was pushing him.

"I looked at my knees the next morning and they were all bruised from hitting the floor. I realized it was more than a boxing match," said Madsen who received medical attention and subsequently retired.

Mike Paddock, 36, was one of two heavyweight twins fighting for the first time at Marlintini's Lounge. Weighing in at 259 pounds, Paddock defeated 270-pound Donny Williams, Jr., 27, in a fight that started with a standing eight count for Williams, who was out tagged because he left his head open. In the beginning of round two, Paddock finished off his opponent with a rapid body pummeling and a left to the chin before a hard-right head shot dropped Williams to his knees where he retired.

The other twin, 262-pound Shane Paddock, 36, lost his heavyweight bout against first-time fighter, 241-pound Gabriel Wilson, 33, California, who won the decision with his reach.

"I was a little nervous when the bell went off, but then I just did what I had to do," said Wilson, who has been Thai boxing with Fernando at the Juneau Martial Arts Academy.

Hailing from Ketchikan, Fred Grant, 28, brought his record to 2-2-0 with his win over Juneau's Logan Henkins, 27, in his last fight for a while. Grant is moving to Fairbanks to be there for his baby, who is due in March. Grant, who has been training for two years, broke his right hand hitting Henkins.

"I think I hit him too hard, but it is all part of the game," said Grant. He delivered a jab combination, issuing a standing eight count to Henkins in round one. The two stayed tight until they both became gassed in the third, but Grant landed more punches.

First-time fighter, Juneau's Brad Bethel, 22, earned a TKO over fellow first-time fighter, Klawock's Mitchel Edenshaw, 19, in a bout Bethel dominated from the start. Referee Joe Isturis called the fight in the second round.

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