Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fighting under a supermoon

Roughhouse boxing at Marlintini’s Lounge Friday night occurred while the supermoon was rising, possibly influencing the large number of TKO’s.
Kole Skaflestad, 18, of Hoonah defeated Brett Van Alen, 25, in the MMA main event. After an even first round grappling on the mat, Skaflestad threw Van Alen to the mat in round two, injuring his shoulder and forcing his retirement.
In one of two MMA bouts, Hoonah’s Mitchel Zarazua, 21, 3-1-0, defeated first-time fighter Joshua White, 23, in a bout that was even after round one when the two traded power positions on the mat. In round two, Zarazua landed more blows and was dominating the third round when he delivered multiple face blows that forced White to retire.
In the only female fight of the night, student and first-time fighter Samantha Coronell, 19, defeated Shannon “Fighting Irish” Williams, 28, in a surprising bout. Coronell was trained by her uncle Al Valentine, saying, “Boxing is in our family.” Williams, a Marlintini’s bartender, 1-0-0, agreed at the last minute to give Coronell a bout and stopped pouring drinks to put on some boxing gloves.
Coronell proved to be too much for Williams who retired after taking a right hook to the temple that sent her to the mat in the second round.
First-time fighter Erick Scholl, 25, defeated fellow newbie Regal Hudson, 18, a fisherman hailing from Prince of Wales. An adrenaline-filled first round had them both sucking air early in the second. Scholl was knocked down by Hudson at the end of round two, but he came back to tag Hudson hard in the third.
Ray Coronell, 19, with a record of 0-1-0, defeated first-time fighter Michael “Papa Smurf” Williams, 27, to grab his first win by decision after a close match.
Charlie “Vicious” Gallant, 21, defeated Dominick Sedano, 24, by TKO in a match that stayed even through round two. Sedano poured it on in the third but Gallant answered with a series of headshots sending Sedano to the mat.
Royal “Crown Royal” Hudson, 20, a fisherman hailing from Prince of Wales with a record of 6-5-0, defeated IT programmer Ryan Wong, 34, 7-2-0, after Hudson tagged Wong in the temple, issuing him a standing eight count early in round one. They were pretty even in round two, but Hudson stunned Wong with another head shot. In round three, both boxers were gassed, but Hudson took Wong down with a right haymaker to the head.
The next Roughhouse Boxing will be April 15 and will feature Edna Abbott coming out of retirement to fight another mom who couldn’t find anyone to take her on in the main event.

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